iOS 4.3 Release Mid-December.

MacStories adds its voice to the rumors, claiming that Apple has been planning for a release of iOS 4.3 for Monday, December 13th. That release plan was predicated, however, on iOS 4.2 seeing an early November debut, a schedule that was pushed back after Apple discovered several bugs just prior to release.


T-Mobile: iphone for 999 Euro

The good: You can buy a legal unlocked iphone at T-Mobile.
The bad: 999 Euro!


Germany: Telekom will change iphone conditions

A German television news channel (n-tv) announced some good news! The one and only iphone reseller T-Mobile has to change his conditions. Maybe the germans can buy the Apple iphone without contract. We have to wait till tommorrow. Stay tuned!


LucidTouch - a see-through mobile device


Web-applications for iphones and ipod touch

Part fun - Part function

Just visit on your iPhone or iPod touch (or even your Mac). Browse the library, find one you like, tap the link and try it out! The web-apps portal has launched!


1Passwd: Store Passwords on your iPhone

Switchersblog details a new feature in the latest beta of 1Passwd -- a Mac password manager application. The new version adds a "Sync to iPhone" feature which exports all your stored passwords into an encrypted Safari Bookmarklet. The Bookmarklet is accessible from the iPhone's Safari bookmark list and protected by a password.

iPhone Web applications directory

Apple as early as Wednesday is expected to launch as part of its website a directory of official Web 2.0-based iPhone applications, AppleInsider has been told.


Mobile Advertising

gphone logo

For more than two years, a large group of engineers at Google has been working in secret on a mobile phone project. As word about their efforts has trickled out, expectations in the tech world for what has been called the Google phone, or GPhone, have risen, the way they do for Apple loyalists ahead of a speech by Steven P. Jobs.

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iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak

The iPhone/iTouch Dev guys have been hard at work for weeks and have finally managed to jailbreak 1.1.1. Right now, they're nowhere near releasing a general-use tool but the first steps have been made. Congratulations to dinopio, asap18, netkas, Martyn, mjc, Niacin, BloomFilter, pytey, tE_gU, pumpkin, roxfan, sam, SmileyDude, NerveGas, Nate True, Arminius, DirectriX, Edgan, ixtli, kroo, xorl, and the rest of the team.

So what does this jailbreak mean?

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iPhone: More than eight ringtones may not sync using iTunes


When syncing ringtones created in iTunes, if more than eight ringtones are available, only the first eight ringtones listed will sync to the iPhone.

Products affected

  • iPhone


Follow these steps if you want to sync more than eight ringtones:

  1. Select iPhone in the source list in iTunes.
  2. Click the Summary tab and deselect "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.
  3. Click the Ringtones tab and select "Selected Ringtones."
  4. Select the ringtones you want to sync and then click Sync.

Create iPhone Apps With Knox iPhone Template

If you want to create an app for your iPhone that actually looks and behaves like an actual iPhone app, then look no further.
Animated Interface


Apple Iphone very sweet

backed iphone


Sphone package


ITunes Ringtone Shortage

Many iPhone users are learning to their surprise that they can make ringtones from only a relatively small number of songs.

Apple began selling ringtones via its iTunes Music Store this week, saying it offers more than 500,000 tracks for do-it-yourself ringtone creation. But that represents only about 8 percent of the store's more than 6 million songs.

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Mum is no longer the word

Apple UK special event 18 Sep - iPhone UK launch?

Apple is inviting UK media to a special event at its flagship London store on Regents Street next week.

The event invitation proclaims: "Mum is no longer the word", and asks media and analysts to turn up at 10am, Tuesday 18 September, for a press conference.

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