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Hello iphone!


ACTV: Hidden Details from the iPhone Keynote

ACTV has released a video that takes a closer look at the Steve Jobs keynote and reveals some interesting tidbits concerning the upcoming iPhone release.


Make you own iphone dummy

Can't wait for the real iphone?

First go to ihone-vault, then Print it, cut it, and put it together.


sixth ipod generation with touchscreen?

sixth ipod generation

There are rumors on the net about 6th generation iPod is prepared in Apple labs, the main add-on that will differs from 5th generation will be a full size touch screen.

More to read in the article iPhone could be best preview of new iPod, written by Eric Benderoff.


And the Oscar goes to the iphone

Apple will use the Academy Awards show on Sunday to feature a new teaser advertisement focused on the iPhone. The new ad was being made for the Oscars, although no further details on the content of ad were available.


Apple seeks game artists

Not satisfied with its existing teams, Apple has begun canvassing schools in a search for junior additions to its swelling game development workforce.

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design reported today receiving an e-mail from a recruiter working directly for Apple, Inc., who appears to be actively tracking down skilled graphics designers among those enrolled in the school's Fine Arts programs. Those hired for the summer program would be tasked with creating "consistent, high quality 3D and 2D art for games," the message said.

Conspicuously absent from the notice was any mention of a specific platform for the games in question.

The Cuperrino-based Apple has shown a steadily burgeoning interest in games ever since it revealed its first two homemade games for the fifth-generation iPod, Texas Hold'em and Vortex, back in September.

Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora claimed to have caught Apple expanding its staff in December. In turn, a slip of the tongue by a former Microsoft alumnus turned PopCap Games exec has also pointed to casual games as a new feature of the Apple TV, which may include first-party titles.


Get Mac OS X iPhone Icons

For all who can't wait: Here are some cool iPhone icons for OS X!

iphone icons
Download for Mac OS X

And the great VeeDubbers by Steph Vallieres

Download for Mac OS X


Mr. Woo-Young Kwak

3GSM: LG Says Apple Nicked iPhone Idea From Them

woman holding the prada phone

Just in time for the launch of their Prada phone in Barecelona, LG's head of mobile handset Research and Development has said that the company believes that Apple copied the iPhone concept from LG's Prada phone.

"We consider that Apple copycat [the] Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006," said Mr. Woo-Young Kwak.

Apple has been accused of copying its rivals homework in the past, with Creative claiming - and later suing Apple over allegations - that the company copied Creative's patented interface design and scroll wheel for its iPod.

As to whether or not Apple is guilty of some foul play in this case, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt - at 3GSM everyone and their granny's dog is rolling out an iPhone lookalike, and the idea of touch screen phones is now becoming old hat. LG will get a little bit of a PR boost out of these claims, but I'd be surprised if they brought the claims to court... unless, of course, the Prada phone were to be launched around the same time as the iPhone.


Nvidia GoForce 6100

What kind of chip helps the iphone to make such great animations? Mac Bidouille thinks that Nvidea announced the mobile GPU GoForce 6100 for the mobile Apple phone with 3D and H.264-Video decoder.

GoForce 6100


iPhone inside BMW 7 series?

This is still a rumor, but a number of resources are reporting that BMW with their $70,000+ 7-Series sedans, will be the first to integrate the iPhone.

Still, BMW hasn’t worked closely with Apple before so another manufacturer, such as Volkswagen, is more likely to partner with Apple again. However, if iPhone is partnering with BMW, the photo AutoSpies released is not accurate. Just compare and contrast the 7-Series’s Dashboard with the rumored iPhone console placement.

BMW 7-Series

Rumored iPhone Integration Console

Rumored iPhone Integration Console

Current 7-Series Dashboard

Current 7-Series Dashboard


Hurry up Apple, the bad phones are ringing!

The M8 from Meizu (they call it a music phone) has an ARM11 CPU running Windows Mobile 6.0. It has: bluetooth, tv-out, GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and EDGE.

The 3 Megapixel camera can record movies in a 30 frames per second.

Size: 57 x 105 x 11,5 mm with touschsreen.

Meizu M8


3GSM Congress

There is no need to scry into the future of mobile technologies. The trends of the next years are clear. Some big players like Nokia, Samsung and LG announced cellphones with touchscreens and features we already know from the iphone. Microsoft's Windows Mobile Version 6 (codename "Crossbow") is also on it's way.


June 15th is the final day of the WWDC.

June 15thIn related news, Apple removed the colored shuffles from the main image on its homepage and replaced it with the previous image promoting the iPhone.