Subject: Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow

Team, We're launching the most revolutionary and exciting product in Apple's history this Friday. And given Apple's legacy of breakthrough products, that's saying a lot. I'd like to get together and share my thoughts about this amazing moment for our company. So please join me for a company-wide communications meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:00AM in Town Hall. This meeting will also be broadcast to other Apple campus locations. Please check [redacted] for details. See you there, Steve

iphone showcase

Apple published today some more infos about the iphone:

the high technology animations.

This exemplary presentation shows how the ccelerometer sensor detects rotations, essential functions of the fully multi-tasking Mac OS X, and also an animation how the multi-touch panel works.

The complete list of Apple's presentation so far:


The end of personal computers?

Walter S. Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal’s personal-technology columnist, picked up his review copy of the Apple iPhone this morning, and he gave his initial impressions of the much-anticipated gadget to college leaders during a speech at The Chronicle’s Presidents Forum. Read full article here.

iPhone will be contract only

Pascal Cagni, the head of Apple Europe, has apparently stated that the iPhone will be available on with service contract in European countries, and not be available with pre-paid plans that are popular there.

Cagni also reiterated the iPhone will be available to European customers at "the end" of 2007. Speaking with seeteB.IT, Cagni said (translated from Italian to English) "On the carrier we do not have still news to supply to you but I can say that for Italy there will be problems with the iPhone, you that you are a lot it accustoms to you to pre-paid."

Apple has not announced any plans to offer the iPhone with pre-paid service anywhere, including the United States.


ad4 / Watered down

Click here for the missing fourth video ad


iphone news from WWDC keynote 2007

Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC keynote that the iPhone would be released on June 29th at 6pm at AT&T Wireless and Apple Stores in the United States.

Also announced was that it is possible for developers to write small, Widget-like programs for the iPhone. A demonstration was given showing a corporate LDAP directory lookup application. All such applications will run within Safari to maintain the security of the iPhone. The New York Times had previously reported that a developers kit would be forthcoming.

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AT&T's Sales Training Workbook

Mac Rumors: 'We've gotten copies of the full iPhone Training manual provided to AT&T employees that gives us a few more details about Apple's iPhone.' Click here for full article!


the fourth iphone commercial spot

This unpublished spot is currently not on Apple's website. But it shows how Safari works...


equinux finds astonishing copy of iphone

equinux finds one of the first iPhone-knockoffs

We’re all used to seeing clones of popular consumer electronics products, but this time equinux trend scouts have uncovered an interesting knockoff that has hit sooner than expected: In the grey markets of southern China the “iPhone” is already readily available - and we were able to get our hands on one of these astonishing copies.

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Or just watch:


mystery app

Dr. Macenstein was looking through Apple’s newly posted iPhone ads and noticed something interesting...

In every shot we have ever seen of the iPhone’s main menu thus far, there are 3 rows of icons for applications (2 rows of 4 icons, and the 3rd row has 3 icons) for a total of 11 icons.

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Fever Builds for iPhone

The New York Times reports on the upcoming iPhone. They mention Steve Jobs' comments last week that 3rd party application development for the iPhone was in the works, but also cites sources that Apple will be unveiling a method for developers to port Mac apps to the iPhone:

A person briefed on Apple’s plans said that at its software developer conference this month, Apple intends to announce that it will make it possible for developers of small programs written for the Macintosh to easily convert them to run on the iPhone.

Apple's developer conference (WWDC) kicks off next week on June 11th with a keynote speech. We will be providing live coverage at


Apple does plan to include two years of free phone support with iPhone purchases

Apple does plan to include two years of free phone support with iPhone purchases, however, and an AppleCare for iPhone plan is in the works that would cover the hardware for a period of two years as well, similar to the AppleCare for iPod plan. Such a plan would not cover damage caused by the user, however, and pricing has yet to be determined for the AppleCare plan. Apple charges $59 for AppleCare for iPod, and $39 for AppleCare for iPod nano.

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Coming June 29

The hand is alive!

There are three new iphone-videos on Apple's website showing the iphone "at daily work"!. The videos called:

Enjoy the spots!

Never Been an iPod

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